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Kerana kita muslim, dan kita mahu Islam berkembang

Cuba lihat masjid kristal di sana…cantik
Perhatikan pula masjid di Putrajaya sana…besar

Bayangkan pula Pusat Islam yang cuba kita bina…
Mungkin tidak secantik itu..Mungkin tidak sebesar itu..

Tapi  bayangkan fungsinya nanti,yang bakal menjadi pemangkin perkembangan Islam di Volgograd,malahan seluruh Russia.

Kita muslim, dan kita mahu Islam berkembang

sumbangan boleh disalurkan kepada:
Afham Naqiuddin Bin Osman
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Assalamualaikum.. kepada sesiapa yang nak mengabadikan software booklet kirovsky yang dah diedarkan tu, boleh download di sini…moga ada manfaatnya insyaAllah

 ‘ALL ABOUT KIROVKSY’ BOOKLET @ kirovsky-islamic-centre

coming up next: Milestone vol.3 “Kirovsky and charity”

Berlumba-lumbalah kamu (mengerjakan amal-amal yang baik) untuk mendapat keampunan dari Tuhan kamu, dan mendapat Syurga yang bidangnya seluas segala langit dan bumi, yang disediakan bagi orang-orang yang beriman kepada Allah dan Rasul-rasulNya; yang demikian ialah limpah kurnia Allah, diberikanNya kepada sesiapa yang dikehendakiNya; dan Allah sememangnya mempunyai limpah kurnia yang besar
(al hadid;21)

Bandingan (derma) orang-orang yang membelanjakan hartanya kepada jalan Allah, ialah sama seperti sebiji benih yang menerbitkan tujuh tangkai; tiap-tiap tangkai itu pula mengadungi seratus biji. Dan (ingatlah) , Allah akan melipatgandakan pahala bagi sesiapa yang dihendakiNya, dan Allah Maha Luas (Rahmat) kurniaNya, lagi Meliputi ilmu pengetahuanNya (Al-Baqarah : 261)


Minggu ini dilancarkan “Kirovsky Awareness Campaign” untuk komuniti kami di Volgograd.

Sebahagian gambar masjid sekarang yang di ambil pada suatu hari Jumaat musim sejuk lepas..disini,wanita juga pergi berjemaah..mungkin kerana khutbah Jumaat adalah antara sumber peringatan Islam yang amat terhad disini..


Pintu masuk


Tapak pembinaan Pusat Islam

Jemaah Wanita

Jemaah Lelaki

Hadrat Rustam(Imam) dan Nazim(Pengurus Projek)

Dengan Puan Gurnala dan anaknya Naila

 Pelan Pusat Islam


Bantuan atau Cadangan semua pihak amat dialu-alukan..Wallahualam..


Hari ini telah diadakan kutipan derma untuk masjid dan pusat Islam Kirovsky selepas solat jumaat di Masjid Lengoranskaya.Mufti(Hadrat Ilias) selepas khutbah memberi tazkirah ringkas tentang kebaikan menderma dan mengumumkan kutipan akan diadakan diluar masjid.

Alhamdulillah..kutipan kilat ini telah mencapai 38500rubel..amat memberangsangkan..

InsyaAllah..aktiviti ini akan diteruskan setiap minggu..








Regarding the fact that I was actually assigned as one of the writers of this blog long time ago, but eventually only today I feel responsible for it.. please accept my apology. Primarily for protracting the efficacy of the blog for the community, and- for our imminent islamic centre at Kirovsky, which we all know, needs a lot of supportive collaborations from the entire muslim residents in Volgograd. Spiritually, maybe physically and most essentially, in the form of financial aid.


What I am trying to convey here is, despite our hectic daily errands which are basically encoded and they repeat every day, our mindset and sensitivity should be switched and directed towards more peduli-ummah one. Ummah, in the context of the whole muslim community notwithstanding their race, nationality, skin colour et cetera. Ummah, in the perception that we wish they would have the same sovereignty to practice Islam as we do, they could learn about this religion-as-way-of-life like we all do, and they see Islam not only by the ritual endeavors but the syumul one.


Malaysia has abundant of mosques, surau, Islamic centres. Some of them are sited only few steps from our domiciles, we get reminded five times per day during each solah time. We even have a crystal mosque which forbids entrance of our own families to perform daily prayers.


Ok, without a hitch.


Ironically, they have one here in Volgograd. The one which is congested every Friday prayers (as I was told) and apparently, during eid prayers.  The one they use for every possible occasions- some Muslim kids live there, undergo their daily routines in the mosque- sleep, eat, quran recitations, and so forth.


 “There is a mosque whose foundation was laid from the first day on piety; it is more worthy of the standing forth (for prayer) therein. In it are men who love to be purified; and God loveth those who make themselves pure” At-tawbah (The repentance);108.

Yes, I can say it was laid from the first day on piety (taqwa). Some Palestinian students felt sorry for the Volgograd Muslim community who had no particular place for collective ritual practices hence they earnestly spent their annual allowance for the sake of the mosque. Subhanallah, may their rewards increase manifold.


So. Basically this is the main purpose of the construction of this blog. We are, by all means trying to decrease the burden and load carried by the Russian muslims in building up an Islamic centre- which, maybe is of no use (literally) by most of us who are graduating soon in this year or in few years time. Well, we are talking in the sense of the incessant rewards by Allah swt as long as the Islamic centre is being used by our brothers and sisters of Russian citizens or of our future generations themselves. Allah told us in the Quran ..


“For those who give in Charity, men and women, and loan to God a Beautiful Loan, it shall be increased manifold (to their credit), and they shall have (besides) a liberal reward” Al Hadid; 18


 I believe, we have even more stipends than they did (the Palestinian students). Why they spent their money for enduring rewards but we don’t? Why we choose to let the money flows en route for unimportant, self-satisfaction stuffs than concluding some portions of it in our bargain with Allah? Recall At-taubah ayah 111..“God hath purchased of the believers their persons and their goods; for theirs (in return) is the garden (of Paradise)”


When we say we are broke, we are pseudo pathetic. Maybe we should check the authenticity of the outflow of our money, the management of our economic status. Perhaps we say we had given up our money last year (back then there was a massive collection for Kirovsky) but I remember one of our brothers said; “We cant be satisfied for just our charity given in history but we should ask what we gave yesterday, it’s an istiqamah deeds” well, something like that.


InsyaAllah..what we can do now, we are organizing sort of a peduli-ummah period. There will be extensive money collections in lecture halls, classes, even rooms, hostels and houses. U will be handed in the Kirovsky-money-boxes, tabung (or whatever they call it) today and maybe tomorrow.. cum the day after tomorrow. This project, I hope is ceaseless, because as we all know, our charity can’t be ceased. Furthermore, insyaAllah we will upgrade the progression of the Islamic centre from time to time.


One more thing, should I mention this? Roughly, the Islamic centre lacks nearly RM 2million- a big number which of course, an amount out-of-reach for us, students. We still need help from other possible truthful people who can make the Islamic centre feasible, but at least we could have our smallest credit in it as long as we do this for the aspect of Islamic charity (sadaqah), in the cause of Allah and to gain His bless.insyaAllah


Abu Musa Al-Ashari reported that the Messenger of Allah, Rasulullah s.a.w said; “Every Muslim is obliged to give charity” They said “But what if one does not have anything to give?” He said “Then let him work with his own hands so he (first) benefits himself and then gives in charity”.They said “But if one is unable to do that?” He said “So let him call (others) to do good”. They said “But if he is not able to do that?” He said, “So let him abstain from doing evil, for even that will be counted as his act of charity”

-Al Bukhari-









It’s time to give
Time to forgive
All your relative and friends .
It’s time to give
It’s time to live
Honestly with no pretends
It’s time to share
It’s time to care
About every move you make
It’s time to share
And to declare
” The hope in my heart won’t break ”
it will never break
It’s time to speak
Not to be weak
It’s time to stand up for right
It’s time to seek
The highest peak
And to struggle with all your
It’s time to strive
And to survive
In this big chaotic place
It’s time to fly
With your head high
So that you are not pushed down
It’s time to eye the endless sky
and to reach out for your crown
It’s time to glow
From head to toe
to look like a shining star
it’s time to flow
and to let go
To heal every wound and scar
It’s time to make
And not to break
The bond that you left behind
It’s time to brace
A better place
So that you can reach your goal
It’s time to speak
Not to be weak
It’s time to stand up for right
It’s time to seek
The highest peak
And to struggle with all your
It’s time to strive
And to survive


a word of caution : the footage is very shaky at earlier parts. i recommend you not to put it to full screen during this time


a short video about the masjid in lenkoranskaya

(not to be confused with the masjid in kirovsky region)